Friday, April 25, 2008

Prechter Releases Free Resources on What to Do in a Recession

Our friends at Elliott Wave International have released another exciting resource that we think is well worth your time. We’ll, it’s actually a group of resources – more specifically – 3 FREE videos and 1 FREE report that all speak directly to what to during a recession.

The 3 videos include Elliott Wave International CEO Robert Prechter’s latest appearances on Bloomberg television from March 2008, November 2007 and October 2007. The videos present Prechter’s interesting and unique forecast as well as his outlook for U.S. Stocks, Precious Metals, Currencies and other markets.

Plus, Prechter discusses how Fed Reserve rate cuts merely follow the U.S. Treasury Bill interest rate. And he goes on to ask and answer a fascinating contrarian question: “Why in the world are people rooting for lower interest rates?”

The report included in this group of resources focuses mainly on Prechter’s Gold and Silver forecast, the same forecast his subscribers pay up to $59 every month for. But, right now, it’s yours FREE.

In these resources, you’ll learn why Prechter says the U.S. has been in a bear market since – YES – the year 2000.

I know, I know, a bear market since 2000 is a shocking claim, but when you consider the massive amount of credit inflation, and when you measure how much gold or how many commodities you can buy with your Dow or S&P 500 shares, you’ll learn that, according to Prechter, stocks have been CRASHING since 2000.

In fact, here’s a little secret for you: When you measure the S&P 500 in a basket of commodities rather than the U.S. dollar, you will see it has declined as far as 75%.

But, what does this mean for the “Real Dow” and “Real S&P 500,” as Prechter calls them? Here’s a hint: The nominal Dow has a long history of catching up to the “Real Dow.”

Prechter’s outlook is more than unconventional. And it’s more than contrarian. It’s a crystal clear and downright frightening explanation of where the markets are today, according to a man that’s studied them for more than three decades.

You will not find this outlook from any other source but Robert Prechter.

I encourage you to hear his warning, then decide for yourself what you should do – if anything – to prepare for Prechter’s prediction that the nominal Dow, the one you read about in newspapers, will one day catch up to the “Real Dow,” the one measured in gold.

In these FREE reports, you will hear, watch and read Prechter’s chart-filled advice on how to survive a recession, how to make money in a recession and how to create a safe investment strategy in recession.

Whether you agree with Prechter’s bearish forecast or not, this FREE group of resources is prudent advice for anyone concerned about preserving wealth in a recession.

To learn more about getting your hands and eyes on Prechter’s 3 FREE videos and 1 FREE report, click here.

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