Monday, June 23, 2008

Elliott Wave Special Offer

Dear Friends,

In my email inbox today, I got a message from our friends at Elliott Wave International. In it, they deliver an update on the FreeWeek they’re running for U.S. Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Silver and more (there’s still time to take part: click here).

But what really caught my attention was the incredible offer they presented for their most popular U.S. analysis package, the Financial Forecast Service, which combines Bob Prechter’s famous Elliott Wave Theorist with two other short- and intermediate-term U.S.-focused publications.

In the email, I was reminded about a forecast I’d almost forgotten, one that was delivered by the company way back in July 2005:

"This time, there’s no mistaking who the Enrons of the bust phase will be. They will be the firms now peddling adjustable-rate, no interest/nothing down and assorted other types of subprime mortgages."
– The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, July 2005

With the downfall of some of the biggest investment companies (i.e. Bear Sterns) and departure of dozens of formerly heroic CEOs fresh on my mind – and in the news headlines – only now can I appreciate the boldness of this forecast. It was delivered when the consensus among mainstream investors was that real estate was the ultimate capital-growth investment. Of course, we now know that real estate was peaking at that very moment.

There’s still time for you to read what Elliott Wave International sometimes calls “tomorrow’s news today” right now during their FreeWeek (click here). If time is an issue for you, you can even print out the publications before FreeWeek ends and read them at your leisure.

But, in trademark FreeWeek fashion, EWI has released a special offer that’s only available to those willing to act now. It’s an incredible 58% discount off the individual value of their flagship forecasting and analysis service, the Financial Forecast Service.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mortgage crisis pales compared to Medicare crisis

By: Dr. Barry Sears

Right now the mortgage crisis is the top economic concern of most Americans. In fact, today the average mortgage debt for a typical family is about $90,000, which is owed to someone. But new figures about the debt the US government has piled up in terms of unpaid obligations (primarily for Medicare) are far more disturbing. These obligations can only be met by increasing taxes. Today the average debt in the form of unpaid taxes per family is more than $500,000. This is a debt load that makes virtually every family in America bankrupt. This potential debt loan will only get worse in 2011 when the first baby boomers reach age 65 and can begin to access the virtually free medical care that Medicare provides. The unfunded liabilities of Medicare are based on the assumption that people are going to be a lot sicker in the future. If you change that dynamic, then the economics also change. The key is Zone Diet coupled with high-dose fish oil. Together they reduce the inflammation that drives chronic disease. The more that people take control of their health future, the less they have to rely on government largesse. However, time is running out. And if nothing is done, then in three years we will wish for the good old days when trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage was a family’s biggest concern.

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