Sunday, August 17, 2008

Free Week From Elliottwave International

Announcing Elliott Wave International's NEW FreeWeek…
Free, Full Access to EWI's Forex Forecasts!
August 20-27

Google the word "forex," and your search will bring back about 61 million entries.

Google "S&P," and you'll get about 10 million fewer entries to choose from.

There is a reason why more websites talk about trading forex than trading stocks: Online currency trading is quickly becoming a mainstream activity.

Forex already is THE largest and most liquid market on the planet. Its daily volume is ten times larger than the combined daily turnover on all of the world's stock exchanges. And it's attracting more currency speculators every day.

But don't believe those who say that trading forex is easy. Less than ten percent of all currency speculators win consistently. What are they doing differently from the other ninety percent?

Answer: They have 1) a method, and 2) the discipline to stick with it.

Elliott wave analysis is a method many forex traders use. It helps you accomplish three crucial goals: Identify the trend, stay with it, and know when the trend is likely over.

And you're in luck!

Because from noon to noon on August 20 through August 27, you have full, free access to Elliott Wave International's 24-hour-a-day forex forecasts inside EWI's Currency Specialty Service!

EWI is a recognized technical analysis expert with a 30-year experience in market forecasting.

Here's what you get during the Currency Specialty Service FreeWeek on August 20-27:

1. Free access to 24-hour forecasts of

  • DX, U.S. Dollar Index

2. Free access to 10 instructional videos on how to trade forex with Elliott wave analysis and the theory of Elliott wave.

3. Free access to 3 experienced Currency Specialty Service analysts – each with over 20 years of professional trading and market-forecasting experience.

4. Free continuous support from EWI's dedicated Specialty Services Support Team. You can submit your questions 24 hours a day and one of our team members will be glad to assist you.

Go sign up now for the Currency Specialty Service FreeWeek now!

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