Monday, October 22, 2007

Free Video Series From Elliott Wave International

Elliott Wave International’s Market Myths Exposed 3-part video series turns conventional wisdom about the financial markets on its head, allowing you to think independently of the mainstream and call your own shots regarding portfolio management.

In these three videos – originally presented to a full workshop at the 2007 San Francisco Money Show– Elliott Wave International Chief Market Analyst Steven Hochberg, editor for EWI’s Financial Forecast Service and close associate of distinguished market forecaster Robert Prechter, debunks some of the most widely held market myths and answers some of today's toughest questions for traders and investors, including …

Why company earnings alone can't drive share prices up or down.
Why Economics 101 does not apply to the financial markets.
What's the deal with real estate?
Does a strong economy lead to strong financial markets?
Is the Federal Reserve manipulating market valuation?
Why do charts of the world’s markets look so correlated?
And, most importantly, where should you put your money?
Plus a whole lot more …

Many people pay hundreds of dollars to attend the conferences at which Steve speaks. But now you can get a front-row seat to Steve’s intimate workshop setting without expensive plane tickets and hotel reservations. All you need is a free Club EWI membership to watch!

Don't be fooled by market myths from the mainstream financial media. Think independently – watch the Market Myths Exposed video series FREE!

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